Computer Access Policy
Posted by:rjf on 05/17/2016 3:05 PM

Law Library computers are for Legal Research (This includes access to email to retrieve Legal Documents and the creation or completion of legal documents). Access to the Internet is provided solely for the purpose of researching the law or conducting one's legal affairs.

60, 30 or 15 minute timed sessions are available for public computer use. You must SIGN IN WITH STAFF to receive the appropriate code to activate the computer.

By signing in, patrons agree to abide by this policy.

Computers will be monitored for compliance with this Policy. Staff makes the final determination of what is appropriate use.

Failure to comply with this policy, library rules, or the directives of staff and authorized personnel may result in the suspension or revocation of computer and/or library privileges.

A message will appear on screen to notify users when your session is about to expire. This will be 10 minutes prior to the end. You will need to save and/or print your work at this point to avoid having your work automatically deleted when the session times out. Do NOT save your work to the computer. Staff is not responsible for lost work.

Extensions of sessions may be granted at staff's discretion.

Patrons are responsible for starting the saving or printing process while ample time remains on the computer session to allow for difficulties with printing and for staff assistance with any issue. Staff is not responsible for lost work.

Printing @ $0.20 per page

Must be 18 or older unless approved by library staff.

Absolutely no drinks (including covered drinks) at the public terminals.

This is a public computer. Others may be able to access personal and/or sensitive data stored or transmitted through our computers. There are inherent risks associated with using a publically accessible computer. By using the computers, each user expressly acknowledges that there are, and assumes all responsibility related to the security, privacy and confidentiality risks inherent with the use of technology. The Law Library does not make any assurance or warranties relating to such risks.

We are not responsible for any lost data or damages to any data or devices arising from computer, Internet, printer, or electrical function.

Staff may provide limited guidance with computer software/programs. We cannot provide detailed training on computer use.

No audio unless you provide your own headphones. Audio is only for law related videos or MCLE.

Please keep conversations low and to a minimum. The Law Library is not the appropriate place for lengthy or loud conversations regardless of the subject matter of those conversations.

Please do not attempt to clean or update the computers or monitors. If you have ANY concerns, let staff know, and we will address your concerns.

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