Rules of Conduct
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The Santa Cruz County Law Library staff welcomes you. The Library provides public access to legal information and is intended for use by persons engaged in law-related research. We are here to assist your use of the resources and services offered. Please help keep the Library safe and pleasant for everyone by following these rules of conduct.

• Comply with all laws, established procedures, policies and rules of conduct. Failure to comply may result in removal and/or suspension from the Library.

• Respect the rights of other users and library staff by maintaining a quiet atmosphere.

• Fighting; causing loud noise or using offensive words in a public place is prohibited by law (Penal Code §415)

• No soliciting of library users or staff.

• Do not interfere with anyone’s use of the library by engaging in behavior that is harassing, intimidating, threatening or disturbing. Engaging in loud, disruptive, or unsafe activities or behaviors that unreasonably interfere with other users is prohibited.

• Harassing, intimidating, threatening or obstructing library staff from performing their job duties is prohibited by law (Penal Code §602.1).

• Keep personal belongings with you at all times. Personal property left unattended may be removed and destroyed by security officers. Leave bicycles, scooters, shopping carts and skateboards outside of the Library.

• Personal property must not be kept or placed in a manner that unreasonably impedes movement by others, restricts access to library materials or equipment, or creates a safety hazard.

• Supervise and monitor the behavior of children.

• Wear clothes appropriately covering your body, and shoes or other footwear.

• Do not bring animals into the Library unless they are properly identified Guide dogs or Service dogs.

• Do not use cellular telephones.

• Do not bring food or uncovered beverages into the Library. No drinks whatsoever may be kept at computer terminals.

• Do not write in, make any mark upon, or deface Library books or other Library property. (Education Code §19910, Penal Code §594)

• Do not remove materials from the Library without authorization (Penal Code §490.5).

• Do not interfere with others use of library space, materials or equipment.

• Do not conduct a for-profit business by regularly meeting business customers in the library or using library spaces as a business office.

The Library reserves the right to inspect briefcases, packages and outer garments for library materials. The Library also reserves the right to require users to leave the Library if they violate any of the above rules or if they are not engaged in activities associated with legal research.

Rules of Conduct Violations

The Law Librarian, or the Law Librarian’s designee, shall have the authority to order the removal of any person from the Library for any violation of the rules of conduct. A first violation will result in a verbal warning. A second violation will result in a written “Warning Notice”, which will remove the offender for the remainder of the business day. A subsequent violation, within 90 days will result in the issuance of an “Exclusion Notice”, which will remove the offender from the library for a specified period of time. The Law Librarian, or the Law Librarian’s designee, shall have the authority to suspend a person’s privileges to use the Library for such period of time as s/he determines to be appropriate for violation of any of the rules of conduct. If the Law Librarian, or the Law Librarian’s designee, determines that any person’s behavior is a danger to Library Staff, Library users or Library property, that person may be removed without following the above protocol. A suspension of five days or less shall be final. Any person who re-enters the library during the term of his/her suspension shall be considered a trespasser.

Any person who has been suspended from the Library for a period of six or more days for failure to comply with the provisions of the rules of conduct may file an appeal with the Board of Trustees. Such appeal shall be in writing and shall be submitted within fifteen (15) days of the date of the order of suspension and shall contain your contact information, a concise statement as to why you believe the issuance of the suspension was invalid or unjustified; and a copy of the “Exclusion Notice” provided to you. The Library Board shall designate an impartial person to serve as hearing officer and to hear the appeal.

The hearing officer can be a member of the Board or such other person as the Board determines is qualified to hear the appeal. The hearing officer shall conduct the hearing as soon as practicable to ensure a timely resolution of the appeal. The decision of the hearing officer shall be reported to the Board of Trustees, the Law Librarian, and the person appealing the decision. The decision of the hearing officer shall be final.

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