Small Claims Resources
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Local Agencies:
Small Claims Advisor:
The Small Claims Advisor provides services for both Santa Cruz and San Benito Counties. These services are free of charge and are desinged to help individuals prepare court forms, obtain legal information and procedural advice. Some of the areas where questions can be answered are:

What to do before filing
Jurisdiction and Venue
Where to file
How to Name a defendant
Service of process (serving your claim on the other party)
Filing a defendant's claim
Requesting a continuance of the hearing
Mediation options
Paying a judgment in installments
Collecting your judgment

For more information you may call (831) 786-7370 email:
or find more information online at

Online Resources:
California Department of Consumer Affairs:
Provides an online handbook called "The Small Claims Court A Guide to Its Practical Use"

California Courts Self Help Center:
Provides an overview of the small claims process in California including how to collect your judgment once you win your case. Also answers basic FAQ's and links to the fillable forms online

California State Bar:
Handbook in pdf format titled " How Do I Use the Small Claims Court" In English
In Spanish
Provides links to web resources as well as local agencies and court programs available by county in California.


California Judicial Council:
Fillable forms online by category at

Santa Cruz Court Local Forms:

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