Law Library Policies
Law Library policies are set by the Board of Trustees during their regular meetings. A majority vote of the Board is required to pass or amend any policy. If a member of the community is adversely affected or takes issue with any policy that individual may request to be placed on the next regular meeting agenda. New policies will be posted as approved.

Santa Cruz County Law Library Policies

Borrowing Policies

Books and materials may be borrowed from the Law Library in accordance with the following rules adopted by the Board of Trustees:

1. Categories of borrowers:

A. Active State Bar Members. Any member in ...more

No Cell Phones

Please turn off or place all cell phones on vibrate prior to entering the library. If you do receive a phone call while in the library please take it in the hallway.

Computer Access Policy

Law Library computers are for Legal Research (This includes access to email to retrieve Legal Documents and the creation or completion of legal documents). Access to the Internet is provided solely for the purpose of researching the law or conduct...more

Rules of Conduct

The Santa Cruz County Law Library staff welcomes you. The Library provides public access to legal information and is intended for use by persons engaged in law-related research. We are here to assist your use of the resources and service...more
Document Delivery Policy

Staff is able to provide document delivery services for a fee. Guidelines for requesting service are as follows:

• Direct citation to case/code/secondary material
• Shepardizing of cases/codes/regulations

After Hours Access Policy

Access to the County Law Library outside of normal business hours may be granted to judges who
reside in California, at...more

Wireless Access Policy

Santa Cruz County Law Library
Wireless Access Policy

A. Purpose
The Santa Cruz County Law Library (SCCLL) provides free unfiltered wireless access in the Library for the public to use with their personal notebooks, laptops and ot...more

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Rules of Conduct
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