Santa Cruz County Law Library Services

Reference Assistance
The staff is happy to help patrons locate information pertaining to any legal matter. However, the staff cannot give legal advice or interpret information found in books and other sources. Telephone assistance is limited. We can answer simple questions over the phone but do not perform legal research and contact with an answer. Email assistance is limited too. We try our best to respond to email questions sent to us in a timely matter. However, our walk-in customers are our first priority.

After-Hours Access
Access to the library during evenings and on weekends may be permitted under special circumstances. Please refer to the After-Hours Access Policy.

Computer Access
We have seven public computer terminals available. Two have 15 minute time limits for the quick retrieval of documents or legal research. The remaining five have 1 hour time limits. Please see our Computer Access policy for more information on using one of our computers. Our computers have Internet access (for legal research only), Judicial Council Forms software, Word Processing software, among other legal research based applications. For information about a specific use, please see below.  

Court Forms
Interactive Judicial Council and local court forms are available on seven (7) public terminals. The staff cannot help patrons fill out forms, nor can we select the forms you need. All Judicial Council Forms are also available online free of charge at  Please note that not all Court Forms are “preprinted” forms. If the type of form you need is not preprinted we have sample wording in many of our resources. We can also help you understand the correct legal format for drafting your own form. All of our computers have Microsoft Word that can be used to draft legal forms (non preprinted). Staff does NOT provide computer instruction. If you do not know how to use a computer, please bring someone with you who does.

CALR (Computer Assisted Legal Research)
The law library provides Internet access, Westlaw, Legal Information Reference Center and selected software applications. Use of the library's public terminals is restricted to legal research only. For more information, please refer to the library’s' Internet Access Policy. Staff will not perform complex searches for you. We do provide limited searching for a cost. Please see our document delivery policy for the types of requests we accept. 

Word Processing
Word processing software is available on selected public terminals. Use is restricted to the preparation of court documents. Staff will provide assistance with properly formatting legal documents. We cannot type up documents for you. Staff does NOT provide computer instruction. If you do not know how to use a computer, please bring someone with you who does.

Photocopying and Printing
Photocopiers and printers are available. The cost is 20¢ per page (15¢ with an account). We keep a limited amount of change on hand. Accounts are encouraged for FLU's (frequent library users).For more information on how this works see our fee schedule.

Faxes can both be sent and received from the library. See our fee schedule for applicable charges.

Electric typewriters are available to prepare court documents. Pleading paper or typing may be purchased from the library store for 15¢ per sheet. No. 10 regular envelopes are 5¢.

Library Tours
The staff will provide tours of the library upon request. Advance notice is recommended. Tours for groups of four or more may be scheduled after regular business hours.

Document Delivery
If you are unable to come to the library, the staff will FAX or E-mail library materials to you at a nominal charge prepayment may be required if you do not have an established account. See our Document Delivery Policy for information on the type of requests accepted.

Interlibrary Loans
If you require legal materials not readily available in a Santa Cruz County library, the staff will try to locate and borrow them from other libraries in the United States. Charges vary depending on lending library.

Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Materials
Audio materials on various current topics are available at a nominal fee for MCLE credit

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